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Quiet and efficient

This is the third dishwasher we have ever bought, and it is the best so far. The first thing I noticed was how quiet it was - you can barely hear it. It does a good job even with heavily soiled dishes.

Bosch dishwasher

Had a Bosch dishwasher some years ago, needed a new one for our new home. Very happy with a new super quiet and efficient Bosch . So far so good !!

So far no complaints

Installation was completed and the applicance is working to our expectation.

Heat pump works well

So far it has been doing well. Took a while to get used to the controls. Much better to set it up manually because the sensor detects that it is dry when some of the clothes are still damp. Also, it only turns clockwise, bed sheets ended up being rolled into a ball and the inner areas of the sheets are not dry, having to untangle the sheets. I have not received my electrical bill yet so will be updating this if this saved me cost wise.

Best to keep competitors on rest

I am not yet sure of the after sales service however the vacuum cleaner is silent and powerful. The extension is long enough to cover two bedrooms in one go. So far so good. I feel I made a good choice.

Extremely Efficient

Great dryer not only is it extremely efficient it also has great energy consumption. Clothes feel so soft and dry never experienced a dryer this good, highly recommended.


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