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Replacing the with the NEW

Ease of installation and intial setup easy to understand and complete. First wash simple and results excellent

Quiet and Easy to Use

I set it up, plugged it in and used it. Extremely easy to use and quiet

Bosch Oven HBG675BS1B

Loved Bosch as a brand - had a washing machine now upgraded my oven to Bosch and great buy!

Absolutely love it!!

I can't stop washing! This machine washes the clothes so well, really notice the difference from my old top loader. I-Dos is brilliant - saving so much on detergent. Take the time to read the instruction manual and you will get so much out of this machine. Really happy with my purchase! You gotta love German technology!

Can’t live without it

Just purchased this unit being the second Bosch stick vacuum that we have owned. It is awesome with great suction and power reserves. Value for money and performance these units in my opinion are the best on the market by far.

Best washing machine

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