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Love it

It’s exactly as described and has all these extra features which makes it so convenient for small loads. The I-DOS is brilliant and saves time and money. And overall this machine is so much quieter than any other I previously had. Very happy customer :)

Controls are annoying

I love everything about this cooktop EXCEPT the way you control it. You can't turn off one burner quickly, instead having to hold your finger on the minus button until it goes to 0. Minus 1 star, almost 2 for this. They really need to swap out the currently controls with the same ones used on higher grade cooktops. I love the large burner which is great for my 32cm chef pan that I use for nearly every meal, including wok-style cooking. You can stir-fry 500+gm of meat at once on boost. Amazing heat!

Excellent Oven

This oven is easy to use and works great

Quiet and Efficient

This is a great unit - super quiet, very quick and very energy efficient. 12 months on and no issues at all. A quality Bosch product

Compact beauty

This little beauty has bought order to my tiny and chaotic kitchen. This is the only non-drawer machine which would fit into my kitchen. Other than the largest baking trays everything fits into it. The cutlery tray is brilliant and removable to give you more height on the second tray and more space on the all important bottom tray. It is quiet and efficient. Every washable item going into my new kitchen went through this machine so it was clean. I only wish this model had a pause button so I could put items in when I find another washable item one minute after pressing the start button.

Amazing for 95% situations

This Series 6 Condenser Dryer is amazing once you read the manual and learn the hard way that this dryer does not simply heat the clothes to ridiculous levels - as does a normal tumble dryer. It dries large & small loads of all types very well and relatively quickly. The trick is not to go in with the mindset you do with normal, high running costs tumble dryers. When we first started using this dryer, we did not read the manual and did not understand all the setting options, thus could not understand why sometimes the clothes came out slightly damp....we had it the ‘iron dry’ setting that is meant to do this to make it easier to iron....then it took a read of the manual to understand that to dry slightly damp clothes, you use the ‘timed warm program’. Once we understood the many setting options available, all made sense...and have not looked back....a great choice.


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