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Love it

I previously owned an older model Bosch dishwasher. When we moved I hated the dishwasher in the unit we bought so bought this newer model Bosch to replace it. Love it- everything comes out spotless and dry - it is so quiet - heaps of settings to cover everything - adjustable top drawer and lots of space inside to fit everything in. Can also take the top drawer out and wash large/high items in the bottom drawer. It also cleans itself.

Product Review

Quiet, efficient dishwasher

Excellent Dishwasher

we bought this machine in 3 months ago to replace an old dishwasher and we are very happy with it. Because it is quiet and cleans the dishes well!

Quite and squeaky clean dishes

Replace a faulty older machines and I was suprised on how quite it was and how much cleaner the dishes are.

Great washing machine

Easy to use and quiet


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