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Ive only had the machine two days but very impressed with the quality of the wash and the spin is great and very quiet


We replace our Bosch Classixx with this machine. Obviously there are some similarities between the two model. Though over all the most significant notable difference is the lack of noise on spin cycle!

Excellent Washer - Quality Cleaning Results

My wife and I love the modern design with the side walls. The machine does a quality job at cleaning the garments with a comprehensive set of 14 washing programmes to choose from.

Fabulous so far

It's early days yet, but I love my new dishwasher. It is so quiet, and has plenty of wash options. The interior of the machine is very configurable. For example you can move the cutlery basket and drop plate holders out of the way. The knife holder is very handy. Most importantly, the dishes come out sparkling clean.

Bosch Serie 4 dishwasher is a solid product

Bosch SMS46GI02A dishwasher is a good product. It can often be purchased at a discount at various retailers - it's great value for money. It is of high build quality and is water and energy efficient. It has plenty of programs available and washes dishes with excellent results. It generates some noise when running, but it's not very disruptive.

Bosch Serie 4 washing machine is great!

WAN22120AU washing maschine is indeed a great product. It is affordable and of high build quality, it's also water and energy efficient. It runs quietly and has many programs for different types of laundry. It offers great value for money.


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