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Love my new Bosch dishwasher

I'm new to Bosch products and my first impressions are that it is very quiet and does a great job of cleaning the dishes. I also like the stacking configuration as well as the movable cutlery basket and the cutlery drawer which I mainly use for awkward cooking utensils. So many features on this machine that I recommend purchasers look closely at this one when shopping for a new dishwasher.

Series 8 - 9kg washing machine

Very happy with performance and results

Set up Machine

First wash all OK

Good Value Machine

This machine is quiet, efficient and an all round good purchase

Better than i could ever do with my own hands

As the title suggests this dishwasher actaully does a better job at cleaning than i can do with my own hands the layout is pretty plain and it might be lacking the internal draw design that other brands have but it makes up for it in cleaning ability. It's very impressive.

Amazing Dryer

This is an amazing dryer, with so many useful options, incredibly quiet, dries everything perfectly


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