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Series 4 and 6 Ovens

Cooking everyone’s favourites just got deliciously easy.

Every meal, now made easier and faster with the new Series 4 and 6 Ovens.

Product overview

Convenience is served.

Cook in a delightfully new way with an oven that’s just right for you. Introducing the Series 4 and 6 Ovens, designed to simplify the process of cooking. Add a handy set of accessories to get perfect meals and a seamless experience in the kitchen.

Meals are now twice as tasty and half the work.

Meal preparation is a breeze with the Half Size Slim Tray. Sized perfectly for multiple items and safe handling, it lets you cook different dishes at the same time without mixing them together. It also fits nicely into Bosch dishwashers and refrigerators for easy cleaning and storage.

View Half Size Slim Tray

When cleaning is this simple, it’s easy to enjoy cooking.

Revolutionise the way you clean with the Ceramic Non-Stick Pan and Baking Tray. Its special anti-stick coating makes it impossible for food to stick to — and incredibly easy to clean. As an added bonus, say goodbye to baking papers and grease. Simply place your food on the tray and start baking.

Plus, with a higher temperature resistance than Teflon, the Ceramic Non-Stick Tray is incredibly strong and durable. Now, you can cook anything at any temperature, without worrying about damage.

Perfection on every level.

Cook exactly the way you want to. A standard oven provides no more than three positions for telescopic rails. With the level-independent Clip Rails, you can position them at any level you need. Switch between the different levels anytime or even use them for the grill level — anything to achieve your desired results.

The Clip Rails are also easy to install with the push symbol and even easier to snap right back into place at the level you want. That’s cooking made comfortable.

View Clip Rails

Take your cooking further with an oven that anticipates your needs.

Single Point Meat Probe

The Single Point Meat Probe measures your food’s interior temperature and alerts you when it has reached the desired core temperature. Simply enter the heating mode, temperature and desired core temperature and enjoy perfectly cooked roasts, fillets and poultry.

See how it works

3D HotAir

Cook sweet and savoury dishes at once — our ovens provide balanced temperatures by distributing heat evenly throughout, letting you cook on three levels at the same time.

See how it works

Intelligent Knob Haptics

It’s easier than ever to take control of your cooking. The retractable oven knob is designed for optimum comfort and sturdy handling, and lets you change your temperature or function settings with assurance and comfort. It works perfectly — and looks good too, with its sleek and minimalist design.

Telescopic Rails

Keep your oven organised and efficient with the Telescopic Rails, now redesigned with new, smooth geometry for effortless handling. Whether it’s single, double or triple telescopic rails, all of our shelf systems are safe and easy to use. When fully extended, a special mechanism snaps them into place on both sides for a completely stable rack and an easier time baking and roasting.

Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning

No more hard-to-remove stains in your oven with a special self-cleaning system that heats up the oven and burns off grease and residue. All that remains is some ash that you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth. Just press “Start” and your oven does the rest.

EcoClean Direct

The Series 2, 4 and 6 Ovens’ cavities are covered with a special direct coating of microfine ceramic particles, which absorbs grease and grime and breaks them down through oxidation for excellent cleaning performance — just wipe the bottom and inside of the glass door. The coating regenerates every time the oven heats up and will do so for the rest of your oven’s life for a constant state of cleanliness.


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