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EcoSilence Washing Machine

EcoSilence® Drive washing machine

So quiet… you can put it on without anyone waking up. Now at the price of your dreams.

What is noise?

Noise is a sound that is perceived as annoying due its characteristics and intensity. Sound is measured in decibels (db), a logarithmic unit, in a scale of 120 units where 0 dB is the threshold of hearing and 120 the threshold of pain.

EcoSilence Drive®

More energy-efficient, stronger, quieter and long-lasting – that is the new EcoSilence Drive™. Instead of carbon brushes, it is driven by powerful, permanent magnets. This means that there is no more friction – and, in turn, no more wear and tear or energy loss.

Anti-vibration panels

Inevitably, the drum’s movement transmits vibration waves to the washing machine’s walls. The side anti-vibration panel in our washing machines manage to absorb these waves, thus providing greater stability and reducing vibration. Noise is reduced thanks to the innovative anti-vibration panels, even during the spinning cycle.

Enjoy the silence