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How to Clean Up Common Party Messes with Ease

With the holidays around the corner, parties are the perfect occasions to bring friends and family together over gift exchange and festive food. However, parties also come with the dreaded chore of cleaning up afterwards.

From wine spills to shattered glasses, here’s how you can tackle common party messes with ease.

Common Party Mess #1: Confetti

Nothing ushers in the New Year like confetti and party crackers. Though great for amping up the party vibes, it can take hours searching every nook and cranny in the home to round up the scattered pieces of sprightly-coloured paper. To make things easier, power up a cordless handstick vacuum cleaner instead. As it does not have a cord, it provides you with the flexibility to maneuver into areas that are difficult to reach, making it easy work to get your house confetti-free in no time.

Common Party Mess #2: Broken Glass

Broken glass is a fairly common sight at parties and can be a real buzz-killer. Thankfully, with the right equipment on hand, it’s easy to pick up the pieces.

Start by picking up large glass pieces. To avoid cuts, wrap them in newspaper before disposing. The bagged vacuum cleaner will take care of tiny glass fragments that can’t be spotted easily with the naked eye. Be sure to run the vacuum twice or thrice across the floor surface to ensure all the glass pieces have been picked up. It’s faster and safer than cleaning up with a broom.

Common Party Mess #3: Stained Tablecloths

Most light food stains can be removed from your tablecloths simply by washing them in the washing machine . Since they are usually made of heavy and hard-to-dry materials, be sure to use the dryer afterwards to shorten drying time.

Pre-treatment may be required for more stubborn stains, such as food grease, coffee, and sauces. Simply apply detergent directly on the stain and soak the tablecloth in lukewarm water for 30 minutes before washing it in the washing machine.

Common Party Mess #4: Dirty Dishes & Cutleries

Besides whipping up festive food, pre-party preparation chores also involve setting up the dinner table with a variety of dishware and cutlery.

So instead of punishing yourself by washing a sink filled with plates, bowls, cups and cutleries after a party in the wee hours of the morning, simply look to the dishwasher for help.

After all, a full-sized dishwasher can typically wash at least 12 sets of dishes and cutleries at one time, saving you precious time. The dishwasher is also more resource-efficient, using less water than washing dishes by hand.

Common Party Mess #5: Dirty Baking Trays and Crockery

The holidays often call for freshly baked gingerbread cookies and mouthwatering cakes. Contrary to popular belief, burnt-on stains left on baking trays, grills and moulds can be easily washed off in a dishwasher.

If you have dirty baking trays or roasting pans, remove the top basket in the dishwasher and attach the baking spray head to the back wall. Then place these oversized items in the bottom basket for a thorough wash.

The bottom compartment is also ideal for cleaning large crockery (pots and pans), as well as heavily stained plates. Combining high water pressure and temperature, the lower spray arms effectively cleans off food particles and removes tough stains.

Common Party Mess #6: Wine Glasses

Wine and champagne are great for the countdown to the new year but would inevitably lead to a sink full of dirty dishes.

A dishwasher makes quick work of washing many delicate long-stemmed glasses at a time, without fear of breakage.

Simply secure the glasses in a GlassSecure tray accessory, place it in the bottom dishwasher basket and run the wash program.

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