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Series 8 Cooking

Series 8 Cooking - Bosch Home Appliances

We believe the perfect built-in appliance must be designed for one thing above all else; to make your time spent in the kitchen as enjoyable as possible. Every detail of every appliance has been carefully designed, produced and tested by our engineers to fully satisfy the highest standards in quality, performance and convenience. The result is cutting-edge technology, timeless design and remarkable ease of use, reducing the workload for you and consistently delivering perfect results.

Features may vary depending on the model selected. Refer to the product specifications for details.

We’ve created the perfect menu for you.

Everything you need at hand: our new, intuitive control ring makes cooking easier than ever. With just a small turn of the stainless steel ring, you can activate special cooking programs, adjust temperature settings and navigate through the entire menu settings with ease.

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Design à la carte. Technology à la Bosch.

For lovers of cooking, Bosch Series 8 ovens offer cutting-edge features and sensor-controlled functions to give you perfect results - just like a professional chef - with minimum effort. Boasting up to 71 usable litres of cooking space and larger baking trays, the ovens offer improved heat circulation and a range of heating functions that deliver everything from haute cuisine to everyday feasts.

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Steams so gently, even vitamins stay for dinner.

There is no healthier or tastier way to prepare food than in a Series 8 steamer or combination steam oven. When gently cooked in steam, food retains its vitamins and aroma while bringing out the full and natural flavour. Vegetables stay fresh and crisp, while poultry and fish remain juicy and tender.

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Gourmet results even when you’re in a hurry.

Sometimes, you just can't get food to the table fast enough. Our Series 8 combination microwave ovens help speed up the cooking process to produce outstanding results more quickly without compromising on taste. Whether you're heating baby food, pre-cooked meals or frozen foods, you’ll produce outstanding results quickly and without compromising on taste.

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Sometimes our best ideas end up in a drawer.

Our Series 8 warming drawers can do much more than just keep food and plates warm; they're also perfect for slow-cooking meat, defrosting frozen foods and proving dough. The new warming drawers can be installed either separately or in combination with Series 8 ovens, compact ovens and built-in automatic coffee machine. The practical 'push and pull' technology ensures they are always easy to open, even when you have both hands full.

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Now your favourite café is open 24/7.

Espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato? With the Series 8 built-in coffee machine, you can treat yourself and your guests to your favourite beverage at the touch of a button. Bosch Barista technology guarantees a full-bodied aroma and perfect crema for coffees as delicious as those brewed in your favourite café.

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Fits every kitchen. And every need.

The new Series 8 ovens not only deliver superior performance with amazing convenience, they are also beautifully crafted with sophisticated design that extends to the smallest detail. The panel heights and display designs for all Series 8 products are consistent across the entire range, so you can match your oven with other Series 8 appliances with complete design harmony. The elegant stainless steel strip at the base of each Series 8 60cm oven creates a uniform look when installed side-by-side with any compact appliance and complementing warming drawer.


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