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Vacuum Cleaners

Bosch Vacuum Cleaners

Powerful. Quiet. German.

Engineered to perform and designed for the home-proud, Bosch vacuums cleaners are also energy efficient and extremely silent. You can now vacuum with a peace of mind as your family rest.

Agile, Light in weight, and Heavy on performance.

Cordless, light, and with extra long runtime of up to 75 minutes, our handstick vacuums provide a quick and easy clean without compromising on performance.

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Go Bagless for Excellent Dust Pick-Up and Greater Convenience.

With no bags or filters to replace, bagless vacuum cleaners provide ease of use and helps reduce costs.

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Perfect for allergy sufferers

Our bagged vacuums ensure hygiene without compromising on its superior performance. Dirt stays trapped in filter bags until the next change, reducing dust exposure.

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Learn more about Asthma and Allergens

A breath of fresh air for allergy sufferers.

Bosch bagged and bagless vacuums are suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers. Thanks to a HEPA hygienic filter system, the exhaust air is cleaner than the normal air in the house.

Learn more about Asthma and Allergens

Get the best performance from your vacuum cleaner with the new PowerProtect Dustbag.

Original vacuum cleaner bags will make sure you get the best performance from your vacuum cleaner. PowerProtect dustbags offer a particularly high suction power for low- as well as high-wattage appliances, even if the bag fills up. For maximum hygiene, PowerProtect dustbags filter 99.9% of fine dust particles and the practical hygiene lock ensures clean disposal. In addition, the PowerProtect dustbag efficiently protects your vacuum cleaner's motor, giving it a longer working life.

To the products

Thoroughly tested. Thorough cleaning.

To make sure that our vacuum cleaners also meet the highest quality standards, we make things tough for them: Before our canister vacuum cleaners are released for series production, they are switched on and off 45,000 times in our switching test. And the floor nozzles also have to have incredible staying power in fatigue tests covering lots of kilometres. These tough endurance tests produce a remarkable result: uncompromising quality, an outstanding cleaning performance and absolute reliability.

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