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The hardest thing about cooking will be your shopping list.

Because you already have your hands full when you're cooking, we've added plenty of convenient, intutive functions. On every Bosch cooktop, you'll find clever features that set them apart from the ordinary.

It's great when cooking means less waiting and more reliability.

Modern cooking offers so many wonderful new tastes and textures, you need a cooktop that's flexible enough to keep up. Induction cooktops can bring 2 litres of water to the boil twice as fast as coventional cooktops. Intuitive controls all boast 17-stage power settings, making the entire cooking process so much easier to manage.

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Fire that does exactly what you want.

Fire still fascinates our engineers today as it did half a million years ago when man first tamed it. That's why everything revolves around it. Our German-designed gas cooktops are available in a range of different styles and burner configurations for greater cooking flexibility.

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Ceramic cooktops: classic cooking

With their electronic touch-controls and extendable cooking zones, Bosch ceramic cooktops combine great looks with smart function and design. The smooth ceramic glass cooktop surface is tough and durable as well as being practical and easy-to-clean.

View the Ceramic Cooktops range

All you need for the perfect steak: a Bosch Cooktop

Our cooktops provide a wide range of functions to help you boil or fry things exactly as they should be. They help you keep an eye on your steak whilst you select just the right wine and certain zones on your cooktop not only bring things to the boil 20% faster, but also makes it easier to pan-sear food.


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