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Fridges and Freezers

With Bosch, pleasure starts when you open the fridge door.

If a Bosch fridge door closes quietly and perfectly for years; it's because we've already tested it in advance. After all, nothing leaves our factory that doesn't fully come up to our high standards. This is how we create the quality that's typical of Bosch, which you can rely on day after day.

A good fridge should contain plenty of fresh food and the finest Bosch engineering.

Contemporary design with maximum convenience to meet the demands of today's modern lifestyle. Improved air circulation with MultiAirFlow, intelligent sensors that monitor temperature and deliver the optimal cooling performance, combined with SuperCooling and SuperFreezing functionality, plus convenient electronic controls - that's the refrigeration range from Bosch.

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Bosch side-by-side fridge-freezers: Filled with our best ideas, and with lots of extra space for your food.

Our side-by-side fridge-freezers provide everything you need: They're ideal for households who want to store lots of food without having to compromise on design. Side-by-side, the fridge and freezer offer plenty of functions that not only guarantee that food stays wonderfully fresh, they also provide a clear overview and enough space for everything in store.

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Filled with our best ideas, with lots of extra space for your foods.

The interior design of our fridges and freezers offers you freedom, a clear view and easy filling and emptying. If you need more height, for example, for a large gateau, flexible shelving allows you to create the space you need. A divided glass shelf can simply be pushed back a bit or removed completely. The shelves are easy to reach, which makes placing the food inside a real pleasure, because they can be pulled right out. That means that even the jam jar right at the back is always easy to reach.

Bosch Kitchen Design Ideas

Get closer to your dream kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Bosch Kitchen Design Ideas help you plan your dream kitchen.

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