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  • HygienePlus™: high temperatures for maximum safety.

    The HygienePlus™ option offers a hotter final rinse, perfect for removing most bacteria from your cooking utensils, chopping boards and baby bottles*.
    * For baby bottles, we recommend using traditional sanitation methods in conjunction with this option.

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  • Zeolith® technology: high drying performance, low energy consumption.

    This ground-breaking technology dries your dishes quicker and results in the world's most energy efficient dishwashing, at only 0.56 kWh per wash. The natural Zeolite minerals absorb water molecules and then release them as energy. Zeolith® is designed to last for the life of the dishwasher.

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  • Flexible basket systems and dedicated wash programs.

    The innovative Bosch basket systems flexibly adapt to the dishes being loaded. VarioDrawer™ offers a third loading level for cutlery and utensils, plus the Bosch dedicated wash programs tailor for your specific needs - from a fast wash to a half load or an intensive wash for the heavily soiled dishes.

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  • DosageAssist™ detergent system: brilliant results.

    Unique to Bosch, the DosageAssist™ feature maximizes the effectiveness of the deternegt tablets by dropping it into a specially designed tray that is targeted by water jets, resulting in a tablet that dissolves evenly under control.

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  • SuperSilence: for anyone who doesn't want to hear dishes being washed.

    Many clever features, such as the EcoSilence Drive® brushless motor and the sophisticated sound-damping tub, make our dishwashers so quiet that you will hardly hear them. Starting at just 42dB, Bosch dishwashers are ideal for open-plan kitchens.

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  • Lifetime anti-flood protection

    AquaStop™ Plus anti-flood protection, guaranteed for the life of the dishwasher. For added security and safety, all Bosch dishwashers have an AquaStop™ Plus device that cuts off the water supply directly at the tap outlet in case of leaks. Unlike other anti-flood devices, the AquaStop™ Plus operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provided the dishwasher is switched on at the mains.

Bosch in every detail. Quality
comes from experience.

When you put a cup in the dishwasher, you simply expect
it to be cleaned. All Bosch ActiveWater™ dishwashers
undergo 200 individual quality control checks before being
released from the factory. ActiveWater™ is a revolutionary
dishwashing system that uses every single drop of water to
the maximum. Our ActiveWater™ dishwashers are amongst
the most resource-efficient in the world, generating the
cleaning power of over 4000 litres from as little
as 12.3 litres per wash.

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The only thing that doesn't fit in your kitchen is dirty dishes.

The only thing that doesn't fit in your kitchen is dirty dishes.

A Bosch built-in dishwasher is designed to fit in your new or existing kitchen with style and ease. There are various options to choose from, including built-under, semi- or fully integrated. These types of dishwashers are height-adjustable and can be fitted under the benchtop for a flush fit. Fully integrated dishwashers can be concealed entirely behind a door panel to match the design of your kitchen cabinetry.

View the Built-in Dishwasher range
View the Built Under Dishwashers range
View the Semi-integrated Dishwasher range
View the Fully integrated Dishwasher range
View the Slimline Dishwasher range
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When you don't have room for a full size dishwasher.

When you don't have room for a full size dishwasher.

Small, flexible, and efficient: the Bosch modular built-in dishwashers can be installed individually or grouped together with matching Bosch built-in appliances.

View the Modular built-in dishwashers
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Wine glasses should be washed by hand. Or by Bosch. The GlassSecure Tray protects your glasses.

Wine glasses should be washed by hand. Or by Bosch. The GlassSecure Tray protects your glasses.

Designed for Bosch dishwashers equipped with VarioFlex™ or VarioFlex™ Plus basket systems, this unique tray securely holds four long stemmed glasses in place. The locking mechanism lifts and secures all four glasses at once. Glasses are angled and positioned to provide optimum cleaning with the highest glass protection.

View the Dishwasher Accessories
Learn more about washing your wine glasses
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The purpose of endless tests: satisfied customers.

The purpose of endless tests: satisfied customers.

We test every dishwasher rigorously, meaning that every sheet of metal, every hinge, every screw and bolt is used, stressed, soiled, flooded, and heated before our dishwashers go into production. Ultimately, a dishwasher from Bosch is one thing in particular: especially durable.



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  • Continuous flow heater In appliances with the continuous flow heater the inner tub is enlarged because they are built without a heating element. This also effectively reduces the risk of overheating and warping of plastic crockery.
    Continuous flow heater
  • LoadSensor
    LoadSensor The load weight is detected by a rotary speed sensor which recognizes the water level. For bigger loads, more water is needed to soak the dishes and the water level decreases. In that case more water is added. For smaller loads, less water is needed for rinsing. The load sensor provides for optimal water usage even for half loads or partial loads, saving water and electricity.
  • AquaSensor™ The AquaSensor™ helps you save even more water as it measures the amount of soiling at the end of the pre-rinse cycle, reusing water when it can, saving up to 20% for the entire wash.
  • ActiveWater technology This innovative rinsing technology maximises efficiency for excellent cleaning results. The water and energy is saved through targetted water distribution, optimised filter technology, faster heating and higher pump performance for increased water circulation.
  • 10-year rust through warranty We have developed special surface treatments and production processes that are precisely tailored to the materials used in the interior of our dishwashers. As a result, we are able to offer a 10- year warranty against interior rust-through on all of our dishwashers.
    10-year rust through warranty
  • AquaStop
    AquaStop The AquaStop system consists of a double-walled supply hose, a safety valve, as well as a floor sump with float switch, offering 100% protection against water damage. Guaranteed by Bosch.
  • DosageAssist™ Unique to Bosch, DosageAssist™ maximises the effectiveness of detergent tablets by dropping it into a specially designed tray that is targeted by water jets, resulting in a tablet that dissolves evenly under control.
  • Glass 40° program The glass 40° program gently cleans glasses such as high-quality crystal stems while providing optimum drying and achieving a brilliant shine. This is made possible through lower temperatures, an adjustment in the rinsing agent temperature and an extension of the drying period. Shiny glasses and residue-free drying are clear proof of a brilliant and gentle cleaning result.
    Glass 40° program
  • Time Delay
    Time Delay With the time delay function, you can pre-select the desired start time. This provides you greater convenience to operate the appliance when it suits you - be it day or night. After the program starts, the remaining time is displayed.
    Time Delay
  • GlassSecure Tray Designed for Bosch dishwashers equipped with VarioFlex™ orVarioFlex™ Plus basket systems, this unique tray securely holds four long stemmed glasses in place. The locking mechanism lifts and secures all four glasses at once. Glasses are angled and positioned to provide optimum cleaning with the highest glass protection. Recommended by SCHOTT ZWIESEL.
  • IntensiveZone™ option
    IntensiveZone™ option The IntensiveZone™ function transforms the entire bottom basket into a power cleaning zone, by increasing the water pressure in the bottom basket, saving you the chore of scrubbing heavily soiled pots and pans.
    IntensiveZone™ option
  • Shine&Dry option
    Shine&Dry option A unique energy-efficient function that produces table ready, gleaming glassware by harnessing the power of Zeolith®. This special drying cycle gently brings out a streak-free shine in most delicate glassware and tableware.
    Shine&Dry option
  • Zeolith® technology We discovered the natural mineral Zeolith® for dishwashers that absorbs water molecules and then releases them as energy. This ground-breaking technology dries your dishes quicker and results in the world's most energy efficient dishwashing, at only 0.56 kWh per wash. It is regenerated after every wash cycle, lasts for the life of the dishwasher and never needs to be replaced.


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  • VarioDrawer Plus
    VarioDrawer Plus The best ActiveWater dishwashers offer even more space inside: the drawer has practical recesses for large utensils like hand whisks or ladles. The drop-down sides make room for small items – and even espresso cups. Foldaway pins ensure that cutlery with particularly broad handles can also be accommodated. This third level dispenses with the need for a cutlery basket in the lower basket and makes the ActiveWater dishwashers amazingly spacious, holding up to 14 place settings.
    VarioDrawer Plus
  • VarioFlexPlus basket system The VarioFlexPlus basket system stands for high flexibility and convenience when handling the silver-colored baskets. This is ensured by eight moveable elements in the upper basket (glass rack, foldable racks and shelves). The lower basket even offers nine moveable elements (higher in the rear for glass racks, foldable racks and shelves). The foldable racks offer extra protection and stability through their rounded head ends. And thanks to the stainless steel handles everything is conveniently and quickly accessible.
    VarioFlexPlus basket system
  • Vario basket The Vario basket can be easily placed in the lower basket and provides addional storage space for cutlery. It is included as a standard in all ActiveWater models without VarioDrawer.
    Vario basket
  • Automatic programs Water usage, water temperature and rinse time are adjusted exactly to suit the level of soiling. This provides best results while making the most of saving water and energy.
    Automatic programs
  • EmotionLight
    EmotionLight Show-off your sparkling clean glassware beautifully with the cool blue EmotionLight. The LED lights never need to be changed and will last for the lifetime of your dishwasher.
  • Glass Rack The Glass Rack allows you to safely store extra high glasses, bottles or vases in the lower basket.
    Glass Rack
  • InfoLight A red LED light that discreetly beams onto the floor during the wash cycle and disappears after the drying cycle is complete.
  • TFT display The multi-coloured TFT display not only looks good, it also provides you with useful information throughout the wash cycle. Progress of the wash cycle, time remaining, as well as wash programs and other optional settings are clearly displayed in full colour resolution. The advanced technology even shows the predefined water and energy consumption for each wash option, allowing you to pick the most efficient solution.
  • VarioFlex basket system The VarioFlex basket system stands for top flexibility inside the silver-colored baskets. The upper basket features four movable elements (two foldable racks and two shelves) and offers room for glasses, saucers, cups and cutlery as well as for long-stemmed wine glasses and pots. Thanks to four moveable foldable racks there is also room for larger pots and dishes.
    VarioFlex basket system
  • VarioDrawer™ A third loading level for cutlery and utensils. VarioDrawer™ Plus provides loading flexibility for larger items.
  • OpenAssist
    OpenAssist With OpenAssist you can open fully integrated ActiveWater dishwashers by simply touching the front of the unit. This partially opens the door, making it easy to load and unload the dishwasher. The handle-free dishwasher door is the optimal choice for modern designer kitchens with matching-style unit fronts. As well as being stylish, it is also remarkably user-friendly.


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  • Hygiene option
    Hygiene option In many programmes Hygiene can be selected as an additional option and through the increased rinsing temperature, it promotes improved hygiene. It is ideal for households with higher hygiene requirements e.g. small children or allergy sufferers.
    Hygiene option
  • Night programme 39 dB
    Night programme 39 dB The night programme washes dishes economically and ultra quietly at up to only 39 dB in selected dishwasher models. It saves electricity costs thanks to low-cost night rates while providing top dishwashing results.
    Night programme 39 dB
  • SuperSilence 40-45 dB
    SuperSilence 40-45 dB The electronically operated engine and many noise reduction measures, secure the exceptionally quiet operation of our SuperSilence dishwashers. Advantageous for eat-in kitchen or open areas.
    SuperSilence 40-45 dB
  • Child lock on door A child-proof door lock prevents the door from being opened and the program being altered during the cycle. This prevents injuries caused by hot steam and accidental adjustments to the program settings.
    Child lock on door
  • Glass protection technology Because soft water causes glass corrosion, Bosch dishwashers with glass protection technology constantly regulate the degree of hardness. This is how we ensure that valuable glasses and delicate china are always washed with special care.
    Glass protection technology
  • HygienePlus option
    HygienePlus option The HygienePlus™ option offers a hotter final rinse, perfect for removing most bacteria from your cooking utensils, chopping boards and baby bottles.
    HygienePlus option


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  • DuoPower spray arms
    DuoPower spray arms In addition to the spray arm on the bottom, DuoPower, the double spray arm in the upper basket ensures that dishes are optimally cleaned. The two ergonomically designed spray arms ensure targeted water circulation reaching every corner of the dishwasher interior. Due to this precision control, each rinse cycle is particularly gentle on glasses and dishes.
    DuoPower spray arms
  • Resource-saving water management Resource-saving water management with intelligent water usage achieves minimal consumption per wash cycle: for example the ActiveWater Eco dishwasher uses only 6 litres of water in the standard programme with optimised hygienic cleaning.
    Resource-saving water management
  • VarioSpeed Plus option
    VarioSpeed Plus option Use the VarioSpeed Plus option to wash and dry a full load of dishes perfectly clean in the shortest of time. Rinse time is reduced at the push of a button by up to 66% with the usual high cleaning efficiency. Simply activate the VarioSpeed Plus option when you need dishes fast, e.g. at family celebrations or birthday parties.
    VarioSpeed Plus option
  • EcoSilence Drive™ To increase our cleaning efficiency we have developed the economical EcoSilence Drive™. It is exceptionally quiet, efficient and guarantees low electricity consumption. The EcoSilence Drive™ works without brushes, is ultra-silent and guarantees top results.
  • Heat Exchanger
    Heat Exchanger The Bosch HeatExchanger uses residual heat to dry the dishes, saving on energy and provides a hygienically clean result by not drawing in air from outside the dishwasher.
    Heat Exchanger
  • HalfLoad option
    HalfLoad option HalfLoad Plus provides the best possible wash performance for up to seven place settings stacked anywhere in the dishwasher.
    HalfLoad option
  • VarioSpeed™ express wash option
    VarioSpeed™ express wash option You can reduce the wash time by up to 50% with the VarioSpeed option. All this with best cleaning and drying results – as usual.
    VarioSpeed™ express wash option

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