• Bosch in every detail. Quality comes from experience.

    When you put a cup in the dishwasher, you simply expect
    it to be cleaned. All Bosch ActiveWater dishwashers
    undergo 200 individual quality control checks before being
    released from the factory. ActiveWater is a revolutionary
    dishwashing system that uses every single drop of water to
    the maximum. Our ActiveWater dishwashers are amongst
    the most resource-efficient in the world, generating the
    cleaning power of over 4000 litres from as little
    as 12.3 litres per wash.

    Zeolite® technology: dry faster with less energy.
    With the patented Zeolite® technology, dishwashers are even more energy-efficient. The natural Zeolite mineral converts moisture to heat energy and saves energy during drying. The Zeolite beads do not wear out, thus ensuring brilliantly shiny dishes for the life of the appliance.
    VarioFlexPlus Rack System: flexible in size, uncompromising in convenience.
    All dish racks can be very easily adjusted to various sizes of dishes thanks to several movable elements.
    HygienePlus: high temperatures for maximum safety.
    With a temperature level of approx. 70°C maintained for a longer period during rinsing, HygienePlus ensures antibacterial cleaning. That provides safety for families with babies and for allergy sufferers.
    SuperSilence: for anyone who doesn’t want to hear dishes being washed.
    Many clever details, such as the brushless EcoSilence Drive or the sophisticated sound-damping tub, make our dishwashers so quiet that you will hardly hear them. They are thus the ideal solution for an open kitchen/living room plan.
    DosageAssist: brilliant results guaranteed.
    Tablet, powder, or liquid detergent are transferred from the detergent dispenser into a special catch pan attached to the upper rack and is completely dissolved there.

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50 years ago, we were exactly where we are now. One step ahead.


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Bosch Zeolith® Technology for Dishwashers

We use Zeolite minerals in our new drying system that naturally absorb water molecules and then release them as energy.



Achieve optimal cleaning results with any detergent.


ActiveWater technology

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Introducing the 3 stage height-adjustable upper basket, the RackmaticPlus™ system on selected Bosch ActiveWater.

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