The Anatomy of Bosch Dishwashing

A look inside the technology behind Australia’s No.1 Dishwashing brand*

*No 1 Dishwasher brand 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 based on independent study test results
conducted by independent research company in Australia.

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  • Sound Insulation

    Up to 3 levels of sound-absorbing insulation for even quieter performance:

    FLEECE BLANKET Insulates and absorbs vibration at the third layer, on top of the bitumen layer

    BITUMEN A tar-like material that is baked on the outside of the dishwasher, this second layer is a premium sound-absorber for Bosch.

    STAINLESS STEEL Our stylish and efficient stainless steel tub helps capture noise—as well as attention.

    Targeted Spray Jets

    Spray arms direct water toward your dishes, not the tub, reducing noise.

    Bosch has made cleaning more efficient by designing the spray arms to spray towards your dishes, and away from the sides and door.


    AquaStop™ Plus and safety-switch in hose provide 24/7 anti-flood protection.

    For added security and safety, all Bosch dishwashers have an ‘AquaStopPlus’ device that cuts off the water supply directly at the tap outlet in case of leaks. Unlike other anti-flood devices, the AquaStopPlus operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provided the dishwasher is switched on at the mains. AquaStopTM Plus operates provided the dishwasher is switched on at the mains.

    DosageAssist™ Detergent System

    Maximises the effectiveness of detergent tablets.

    We’re obsessed with noiselessness. Right down to the location of the detergent dispenser which slides open silently and lets the detergent tablet fall directly into the DosageAssist™ catch pan, rather than onto the floor of the dishwasher. What’s more, this catch pan is positioned to allow the spray jets to better dissolve the detergent quietly and distribute it more evenly throughout the dishwasher, for a better clean.

    STEP 1: The dispenser door slides open, making no noise
    STEP 2: The detergent falls out of the tray and into the DosageAssist™ catch pan
    STEP 3: Allowing the spray jets to dissolve and distribute the detergent evenly throughout the dishwasher

    EcoSilence Drive™

    Brushless DC motors eliminate mechanical stress, friction and wear for quieter performance.

    Bosch has long used two-pump motors to individually wash and drain, instead of a single large one, to dramatically reduce vibration and noise through the use of smaller parts and more contained motion. Now we’ve added in virtually frictionless brushless motors, which work more efficiently while going further than ever in reducing noise when in use.

    ActiveWater Filter System

    Up to 50% more surface area provides better water circulation and greater cleaning power.


    Bosch dishwashers are so quiet, we have to tell you when they’re on.

    You might not hear anything coming from your dishwasher, but it still might be on. To prevent you from interrupting the cycle, we’ve developed TimeLight™; an illumination that projects the remaining wash cycle time onto the floor when the dishwasher is in operation. It also shows the current wash program as well as the status of the wash cycle.

    ActiveWater Technology

    The cleaning power of over 4000 litres from as little as 12.3 litres.

    ActiveWater is a revolutionary dishwashing system that uses every single drop of water to the maximum. Our ActiveWater dishwashers are amongst the most resource-efficient in the world. All Bosch ActiveWater dishwashers undergo 200 individual quality control checks before being released from the factory in Dillingen, Germany.

    Heat Exchanger

    Uses residual heat to dry dishes, saving on energy.

    Provides a hygienically clean result by not drawing in air from outside the dishwasher.

    • Sound Insulation

      Bosch layers three levels of sound-absorbing insulation into our dishwashers to further reduce the operating volume.
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    • DosageAssist™

      The DosageAssist™ feature, unique to Bosch, maximises the effectiveness of detergent tablets by dropping it into a specially designed tray that is targeted by water jets, resulting in a tablet that dissolves evenly under control.
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    • Targeted Spray Jets

      Bosch spray arms point their water towards your dishes not the tub while still working with power and precision. It’s a quieter, better way to clean.
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    • ActiveWater Filter System

      Up to 50% more surface area provides better water circulation and greater cleaning power.
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    • EcoSilence Drive™

      Brushless motors in the dishwasher are practically frictionless, providing top performance while adding next to nothing to the operating volume.
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    • ActiveWater Technology

      The power of 4000 litres from as little as 10.3
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    • Safety

      24/7 anti-flood protection.
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    • Heat Exchanger

      Uses residual heat to dry dishes, saving on energy.
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    * Based upon available sound information on competitors websites, August 2011.
    ** Dishwasher model is not representative of one particular Bosch model. Sound insulation equipment varies by model.
  • When you're the quietest brand of dishwashers in the U.S., every decibel matters.*

    A three-decibel increase is the sound power equivalent of running two dishwashers at once*

    Math of Quiet

    You may have heard that Bosch is the quietest brand of dishwashers in the U.S.* and that there is no quieter dishwasher at any Bosch price point.

    * Based on available sound information on competitors’ websites. August 2011.

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