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Replacing Your Washing Machine

Time to replace your washing machine?

Our Washing machines are energy efficient, operate quietly and are equipped with features that make your life easier. Bosch Made-in-Germany i-DOS auto-dosing washing machines precisely dose the detergent for you – fill up once, wash up to 26 times*.

*Based on OMO Ultimate Liquid Detergent – average 50ml dose for a normal load.

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Check out the articles below to view appliance reviews and learn all you need to know about Bosch washing machines.

Discover the Best Washing Machine for Your Home

Our washing machines are energy efficient, operate quietly and are equipped with features that make your life easier. Our made-in-Germany i-DOS auto-dosing washing machines precisely dose the detergent for you - fill up once, wash up to 26 times.

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Which washing machine is best for your home?

Answer a few questions to find the perfect washing machine for you. Our buying guide will help you find the best washing machine for your home based on your individual needs for capacity and special features. Only a few clicks away!

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Our Bosch Washer Dryer Combo

Do you need a real space saver for you home? Our Bosch 2-in-1 washer dryer combo is a life saver! Not only have we combined two appliances into one, we've also made sure that our Bosch Washer Dryer is a top performer. It can easily wash and dry 1kg of laundry in just 60 minutes.

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Quick & Easy Installation Guide

Discover the fuss-free way to install your Bosch washing machine and read about useful installation tips on removing transit bolts and leveling your washing machine.

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Customer Reviews

Elegant, softly spoken and very well behaved

The hubster and I decided on this top model after being enticed to the Bosch side of life through an oh-so-deliciously quiet dishwasher at a previous rental abode. Unlike other-branded front loaders of ours that loved to rock out like a slam-dancing giraffe, there's absolutely no need to sit on this machine to keep it in place. I should be sad that there are basically no vibrations to share the love ;) but am too wowed by the simple elegance and efficient methodology of this rather polite handmaiden that gets to work with a shining light and little fanfare on a variety of washloads. Just chuck the laundry in, choose your settings and let the Bosch-maiden quietly and quickly do the rest, right down to auto-dosing the detergent and softener and silently informing you every step of the way. No mess, no fuss, no shudders and shakes, and definitely no cranky attitude. Stains magically disappear, clothes and other clobber are fresh, clean, and beautifully spun, and there's barely a sudsy bubble to waste with considerably less detergent and water used. And thanks to a generous load capacity, fewer loads are needed (translates to less electricity used, too), which is especially helpful when it comes to the multi-layers and bulky body warmers of a chilly winter. And yay for fitting in all of our kingsized bedding, and being gentle yet firm with the animal snuggle beds! What more could you ask for? Wine? Nah, no whining here. Thank you, Bosch!


The I dos system is great,not wwhat I purchased for but I am surprised how much I enjoy this feature.Cleans well and is quite.The quick 15 minute cycle is handy.A good solid machine so much better than my previous machine a different brand name.Glad I changed to Bosch

Top of the line, worth the money

This machine was purchased to replace a very low performing, cheaper brand. Immediately I noticed the ease of use, sleek display and multitude of cycle options. The automatic cycle feature measures the soap/softener automatically, taking the guesswork out of how much is required. It heats (self-heats) the water to 40degrees and the clothes came out steaming hot, but also almost dry (which is a big upgrade from a previous machine that did not spin properly). I'm also impressed by the quick 15 minute cycle which makes it perfect for light loads that just need a quick refresh. It washes up to 9kgs, but it isn't big or bulky. It also has a delicate cycle (which my previous machine did not have). It is more costly than other machines but you truly get what you pay for - I already love this machine.

Love it!

My first front loader and I'm impressed. Lots of wash options. So quite and looks good to boot.

Best Washing machine ever

My old washing machine broke and I had to buy a new one. I started my research across multiple websites and found Bosch to be most recommended and then I picked the Series 8 washing machine which has the iDOS technology. I could see the difference from the first wash and the clothes are super clean after every wash. The machine is the best with a lot of wash programmes to chose from and doesnt make any noise during washing cycle. I am super happy with this purchase and is definitely recommended. Thanks Bosch for this amazing WM.

Class meets convenience

This is a fantastic washing machine which makes doing laundry a breeze. The i-DOS function means I can just put the laundry in, select the relevant programme and the washing machine does the rest. The washine machine also has a night washing function which is great for running the machine during off-peak electricity times. I highly recommend this washing machine, it is a great investment and worth every dollar.

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