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Replacing Your Washing Machine

Here’s the Solution to Your Laundry Woes

Even with proper maintenance and routine checks, sooner or later your machine may be on its way to washing its last load. Since getting a new washing machine or fixing a broken one may seem like a hefty investment either way, the question now is which option is going to be more worthwhile in the long run?

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Check out the articles below to view our iDOS cashback promotion, appliance reviews and all you need to know about Bosch washing machines.

Discover the Best Washing Machine for Your Home

Find out the telltale signs your washing machine is approaching the end of its lifespan, as well as the important features to look out for when buying a new washing machine. And discover Bosch's heritage of precision engineering and why we've been awarded CHOICE Best Brand Washing Machine.

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Which washing machine is best for your home?

Answer a few questions to find the perfect washing machine for you. Our buying guide will help you find the best washing machine for your home based on your individual needs for capacity and special features. Only a few clicks away!

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Our Bosch Washer Dryer Combo

Do you need a real space saver for you home? Our Bosch 2-in-1 washer dryer combo is a life saver! Not only have we combined two appliances into one, we've also made sure that our Bosch Washer Dryer is a top performer. It can easily wash and dry 2kg of laundry in just 60 minutes.

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Quick & Easy Installation Guide

Discover the fuss-free way to install your Bosch washing machine and read about useful installation tips on removing transit bolts and leveling your washing machine.

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Customer Reviews

Best washing machine

This is the best washing machine I ever used. Very quiet that you don’t even know it’s washing and the iDos system is so handy and time saving feature.

So far so good

Just got our washing machine and is quiet and washes well.

Great washing machine

Purchased nearly a week ago, very quiet compared to our last machine, I keep thinking washing finished as i cant hear it. Like the i dos auto dosing of detergent and softener. Very happy so far!

front loader

Great machine, very happy with it

Best washing machine I've ever owned!

So happy we decided to purchase this model. Its really obvious how much cleaner and fresher the clothes come out than my previous washer. It's quicker and there's so many programs to choose from. So happy, just renovating the laundry so I can get the matching dryer! Well done Bosch.

Fantastic Washing Machine

I have had my new washing machine for a week, I already love it. Super quite, cleans my clothes like never before, I am working my way through all the different programs to give them a go, but love that I can alter the dosing of the fabric softner and washing detergent, and can consider with every wash my water and energy use as its right there on the display. Would recommend this washing machine to everyone, would not hesitate to purchase again.


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