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Like A Pro: Technology That Maximises Water Efficiency

Technology that maximises water efficiency

Your dishwasher doesn’t do things by halves. Except when it comes to saving water.

Have you ever tried to halve your water consumption? We have. Since 1990, we've reduced the amount of water consumed by our appliances by more than half. Read on to find out how your dishwasher gets the most out of every drop.

How can one litre of water do the work of 300?

How can one litre of water do the work of 300?

With their innovative ActiveWater technology, our dishwashers maximise their water efficiency many times over: water and energy are saved through targeted water distribution, optimised filter technology, faster heating and higher pump performance for increased water circulation.

How can less soiled crockery contribute to water saving?

How can less soiled crockery contribute to water saving?

The AquaSensor in our dishwashers regulates the water usage according to the type and degree of soiling. Light beams are used to manage the rinse by measuring the particles per minute to adjust the amount of water needed to perfectly clean your dishes. This ensures that only as much water is used as needed saving up to 4 litres of water, each rinse cycle.

Less load, less water consumption?

Less load, less water consumption?

A rotary speed sensor that recognises the water level detects the load weight. For bigger loads, more water is needed to soak the dishes and the water level increases. In this case water is added. For smaller loads, less water is needed for rinsing. The load sensor leads to optimal water usage even for half or partial loads, saving water and electricity.

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