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Care Tips to Prolong Your Dishwasher's Life

Care tips for a clean and efficient dishwasher

Getting your dishes spotless calls for a clean dishwasher. For optimum results, the appliance that gets your tableware sparkling every day also needs a little care from time to time. Here are some tips to help you keep your dishwasher working like new.

Cleaning the spray arms

Cleaning the spray arms

If your dishwasher doesn’t clean or run properly, check that the spray arms aren’t clogged. Bosch spray arms can easily be removed – simply unscrew the upper arm and lift out the lower one. Use hot, soapy water to clean them and free stubborn food residues or lime scale by carefully sticking a toothpick through the spray holes before putting them back in place.

Descaling the right way

Descaling the right way

However hard the water is in your area, you should descale your dishwasher periodically for trouble-free results. Don’t worry, the procedure is simple: let the dishwasher run on a hot programme without dishes or detergent for half an hour. Then open the door carefully and let the steam out. Spread the descaler into the appliance and close the door to restart it. Repeat the process once a year – preferably with a Bosch descaler.

Cleaning routine

Cleaning routine

Glasses not sparkling the way they should? Cutlery looking a bit tarnished? It could be a sign that your dishwasher needs cleaning to remove the fatty residues that can build up. Just follow this simple routine: use a hot temperature programme on an empty machine every 4 to 6 months using a dishwasher cleaning product.

Smells and mold

Odours and mould

There are several reasons why your dishwasher might smell. Check the filter regularly. Larger food particles can cause bacteria and mould to develop, resulting in unpleasant odours. Clean the filter with soapy water and scatter baking soda on it before the next cycle. For additional protection, put half a lemon in the cutlery basket, use a hot programme and say goodbye to bad smells.

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