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5 Ways to Dry Your Clothes Better with a Dryer

A dryer gives you the freedom to dry your clothes at your own time. No longer are you at the mercy of the sun, or have to remember to take your clothes in when there’s a sudden rainstorm.

To help you dry your clothes even better with your dryer (and save some extra time and money), here are five tips that will come in handy:

1. Run an Extra Spin Cycle if Clothes are Dripping Wet

Your dryer is designed to efficiently remove moisture from wet laundry but may take a longer time to do so, when your clothes are still dripping.

So here's a pro tip, put on an extra spin cycle on your washing machine, at the maximum spin speed. This quickly removes moisture through centrifugal action, saving you precious time.

2. Clear Lint From Your Fluff Filter Regularly

If possible, clean out the lint from the fluff filter after each use. Allowing the lint to build up hinders your dryer from moving air around efficiently.

You can either remove the lint with your hands (which will remove the bulk of the lint) or use a vacuum cleaner if you want to get to the fluff that’s in hard-to-reach places. Some dryers also have a washable fluff filter which can be opened up for easy cleaning under running water.

3. Make Sure Your Dryer has the Same Capacity as Your Washing Machine

If you plan on popping all your laundry into the dryer after each wash, make sure you have a dryer with the same capacity as your washing machine. This allows you to wash and dry laundry loads smoothly, especially when you are washing more than one batch of laundry on any particular day.

However, washer dryers can typically only dry half the load it can wash at a time. This 2-in-1 appliance is best suited for smaller households with space constraints and a lower washing frequency.

5. Choose the Right Drying Programme, Depending on the Material of the Fabrics.

Cottons for cotton fabrics

Easy-Care for synthetic fabrics

Mixed Load for a mixed load of natural and synthetic fabrics

Sportswear for materials like nylon, polyester and rayon

Wool Finish for woollen fabrics and towels

Down Wear for materials with natural animal feathers

If you like to store your clothes in the cupboard immediately after drying, choose the Cupboard Dry washing programme to extract the most amount of moisture possible from laundry.

There is also an Iron Dry mode, which allows your clothes to retain a small amount of moisture. Coupled with the Crease Guard or Easy Iron option, you can have the perfect ironing results.

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