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The Perfect Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home: A Guide

If you’re looking for a great vacuum cleaner to invest in that suits your needs perfectly, but you have no idea where to start - worry not!

Firstly, there really does exist a vacuum cleaner that can do it all - and maybe more - for your home and your family. Here’s a simple but effective guide to finding out what your home needs and what to look out for.

1. HEPA and Bionic Filter Vacuum Cleaners

Dustbags are what you usually think about when you think of vacuum cleaning systems. However, there are brands which take cleaning one step above the rest using superior cleaning technology that not only removes the large dust balls but also other harmful substances that we cannot see with the naked eye such as allergens, bacteria, molds and toxins.

What's a HEPA Filter?

We all know vacuum cleaners take in the dust, but did you know that it involves both taking in and pushing out air that may still be filled with allergens? HEPA, or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, do more than just trap the bigger dust particles in your vacuum before the not-so-clean air gets pushed out again. It not only gets rid of larger allergen-causing particles like dust mites, and dust mite excrement, but also tiny particles like fungal spores, pollen, bacteria and even tobacco smoke. These small particles are often the ones that are able to penetrate our lungs, causing even more discomfort. A HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner is able to remove up to 99.7% of these particles, making your home cleaner than clean and keeping your airways clear.

With a Bionic filter? Even better!

While the HEPA filter does all the heavy-lifting, having a vacuum with Bionic filter provides the added bonus of scented and fresher-smelling air. With these two filters combined, the air that is pushed out of the back of the vacuum is now even cleaner than the air around your home - and all this while keeping your floor and surfaces dust free!

2. Multipurpose Cleaning Machine

Go straight for a multipurpose vacuum cleaner that can clean a variety of surfaces and tackle a larger range of household dirt and dust.

For instance, there are vacuum cleaners with many different nozzles which can be switched easily to clean different surfaces - hardwood in one room, and perhaps carpet in the next. Bosch, for example, carries a nozzle which can clean both surfaces effectively and minimises the trouble of switching attachments halfway through cleaning - making for happier and more convenient household chores.

If you have pets, or want to use your vacuum to clean out your car, there are also options which allow for more effective removal of pet dander – Bosch ProAnimal vacuum cleaner range comes with Animal 360™ Kit. Its powerful and easy-to-clean carpet and upholstery nozzle is the perfect solution for pet owners. That’s a sparkling clean with minimal effort!

If you have a lifestyle that requires you to clean up small messes throughout the day like stray hairs or food spills, you might want to consider investing in a hand-stick or handheld vacuum cleaner that will allow you to spot clean quickly and conveniently. If you’re worried about whether handheld vacuums will function as well as their corded counterparts, don’t worry - there are options in the market which are just as powerful, just keep an eye out and try them yourself!

3. Strong and Silent Vacuum Cleaners

Strong and silent - we can’t emphasise enough on making sure this is on your checklist.

Why silent? If you work late and can only clean at night, or need to clean up a child-related mess in the wee hours, a silent vacuum cleaner will guarantee the rest of your family receive uninterrupted sleep and rest.

Silent also means no more shouting over the roar of your vacuum cleaner even when you clean during the day - making it a much more relaxing, and stress-free experience.

A good sign is a vacuum cleaner brand that promises sound insulation because the parts are sealed well. Some come with anti-vibration material to absorb all the rattling sounds when turned on.

4. A Vacuum Cleaner That is Built to Last

Go for quality that withstands the test of time. For an idea Bosch vacuum cleaners will make it through this much for you:

  • Its on and off button can be flipped at least 45,000 times.
  • It can take at least 35 drops from carrying height.
  • It has to roll at least 6,000 times over thresholds.
  • It has to withstand an endurance test of 500 km.
  • Its cable has to go through at least 6,000 rewinding procedures.

With these five qualities in mind, we hope we have helped make your vacuum cleaner shopping experience a breeze!

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