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6 Chocolatey Foods to Melt Stress Away

Dark, rich and velvety, it is arguably harder to find anything more gratifying than chocolate when life hits a bump on the road. Pleasure aside, this celebrated ingredient is not only incredible to taste, but also chocked full of health benefits.

Researchers at the Nestle Research Center found that a daily consumption of dark chocolate can reduce the levels of stress-related hormones, and contains antioxidants beneficial for the body. Moderation in consumption is key, but there is no reason to refuse a plump slice of chocolate cake now and then to take the edge off life’s pressures. Here are some of our favourite chocolate recipes to share.

1. Chocolate Tart with Honey Apricots and Lavender

Edible flowers are a great pairing to classic desserts given the heady floral scent it imbues. In this recipe, we have combined chocolate, apricots and lavender for a delectable fusion.

Pro Tip: When rolling out the pastry, avoid using too much flour as it can toughen the dough. Be sure to also roll out from the center of the dough to prevent overworking.

2. Chocolate Pot

Fuss-free and easily customisable, this luscious mousse will soothingly serenade you into the weekend at the end of a hard week’s work.

Pro Tip: Jazz up your Chocolate Pots by topping it with your favourite fruits – strawberries and blueberries are great options.

3. Spiced Espresso and Chocolate Tart

Perfect for coffee lovers, this dessert is incredibly simple to make using common ingredients found at home. Paired with a steaming cuppa, this delectable tart would gratify even the most intense of chocolate cravings for instant feel-good.

Pro Tip: When using a microwave to melt chocolate, it's best to run it on low power setting; and give it a quick stir every 30 seconds to 1 minute to prevent scorching.

4. Chocolate & Orange Cointreau Butter Cake

Scrumptiously moist, all you need is a nifty kitchen machine to create this delicious crowd-pleaser. This recipe serves seven to eight – perfect to share at gatherings with your loved-ones.

Pro-Tip: Rotate the cake pan about two-thirds of the way during baking to ensure an even bake, as well as to prevent collapse. Make sure that the cake is placed in the center of the oven so that heat is distributed evenly.

5. Molten Lava Chocolate Cakes

Hot, fudgy with a decadent liquid chocolate center, this dessert is sublime for days when life gives you lemons. More importantly, it involves only seven ingredients and a short half hour preparation before rich pleasure is but a spoonful away.

Pro Tip: After removing from the oven, leave the cakes in the ramekins (ceramic or glass bowls) to cool for at least one to two minutes. This is to allow the cake to set and prevent it from falling apart.

6. Melted Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

A showstopper that looks as great as it tastes, this fuss-free confection makes for a great impression at gatherings with family and friends. Dress this decadent confection with seasonal fruits and sauces for deeper enjoyment. Be sure to keep this dessert chilled so do prepare ahead of time for the cake to set.

Pro Tip: Eliminate the amount of effort needed to cut the ice-cream cake by dipping your knife in hot water. The heat will help the ice cream to melt for easy slicing.

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