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Electric Cooktops

Preprogrammed culinarity success. The new electric cooktops from Bosch.

Preprogrammed culinarity success. The new electric cooktops from Bosch.

The easy way to perfect results: our electric cooktops are designed to make cooking and frying as effortless as possible for you. Enjoy the support of intelligent temperature regulation thanks to cooking and frying sensors as well as innovative controls and flexible induction cooking zones. Master even complicated dishes with little work – and maximum enjoyment.

There are many ways to make a perfect steak. Here's a short cut.

Is there anything more delicious than a steak fried to perfection? However, you don't just need a fresh piece of meat from a good butcher. The ideal temperature for frying is also decisive. No matter how you prefer your steak, the PerfectFry sensor controls the temperature of the pan during frying and makes precise adjustments as necessary. This guarantees the perfect steak every time.

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This is how PerfectFry works:

Simply activate PerfectFry sensor via the controls. Then select the optimal temperature level. The pan is then heated to the desired level and the temperature is automatically regulated. The cooktop gives off optical and audible alerts when the desired temperature is reached: the steak can now be fried at the optimum heat.

Temperature setting with PerfectFry sensor.

Perfectly frying a steak starts with the right temperature of the oil, because different types of oil have different smoke points. And without exact temperature management they can burn easily. For example, the smoke point of sunflower oil is 210–225°C, while that of virgin olive oil is just 130–180°C. PerfectFry sensor shows you when the ideal temperature for adding the oil to the pan has been reached.

Overview of cooktop interfaces.

Bosch interfaces: electric cooktops with control at your fingertips.

It is not always easy to keep an overview of all your pots, pans and settings when cooking. That is why we developed our TFT-touchdisplay in such a way that you can easily find your way around the menu and always have a clear overview, e.g. to make selecting and activating additional functions simple. The lettering is clear and easy to read and the integrated pictos help you to quickly find your bearings – even if things get hectic.

View TFT-touchdisplay video

User-friendly design on a bigger scale.

Attractive to the eye and operated with your fingertips: with a total length of 30 cm, DirectSelect Premium interface offers total operational comfort when cooking. It makes the selection of the desired cooking level and additional functions intuitively simple, because it only shows the functions you really need at any moment on the electric cooktop. And, even when switched off, the interface has an impressively clean and high quality look.

View DirectSelect Premium video

Bosch Assist: preprogrammed cooking success.

Selecting the right setting when cooking could hardly be easier, because, with Bosch Assist function, you have someone at your side who knows exactly what temperature is ideal for the dish in question and provides practical recommendations. And thanks to the high resolution TFT-touchdisplay, even selecting the desired meal is at your fingertips.

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Endless flexibility: more space for your pots and pans.

More space on the electric cooktop means greater flexibility when cooking. With FlexInduction from Bosch, you can adjust your induction cooktop to suit your needs when cooking at the touch of a button. For example if you want to use a large roaster, you can combine two cooking zones to create a large, continuous cooking zone. The possibilities are almost endless thanks to the expandable FlexInduction zone. There is even space for your pots and pans with a diameter of 30 cm and roasters or accessories measuring 40 cm in length.

View extended FlexInduction video

Our cooktop offering at a glance:

Series | 8 > Series | 6 > Series | 4 > Series | 2 >
Hob Control DirectSelect Premium
DirectSelect TouchSelect Knob control
PerfectFry With 5 levels With 4 levels
Frame Design U-form bevel,
ComfortProfil: Front and rear bevelled edges with stainless steel trim on the sides
U-form bevel, Basic Frame,
Comfort Profil: Front bevelled edge with stainless steel trim on the sides

Basic Frame

Basic Frame
Flexibility FlexInduction with extended FlexZone, FlexInduction FlexInduction, CombiZone FlexInduction, CombiZone
Width in cm 90, 80, 70, 60 90, 80, 60, 30 60 60, 30
Serie | 8

Ceramic Cooktops

Induction Cooktops
Serie | 6

Ceramic Cooktops

Induction Cooktops
Serie | 4

Ceramic Cooktops

Induction Cooktops
Serie | 2

Ceramic Cooktops

Highlights for your kitchen.

Quality for every task. We offer a wide range of accessories to ensure 100 % precision of fit for perfect cooking and frying results.

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Fine dining at the push of a button.

The perfect complement to your electric hobs: Our Series 8 ovens combine cutting-edge technology, timeless design, remarkable ease of use and less work in the kitchen. Making the new Series 8 from Bosch, the easy way to perfect results.

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