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Bosch FlameSelect gas cooktops

Experience the new FlameSelect gas cooktops with 9 precisely adjustable power levels.

The new FlameSelect gas cooktops from Bosch allow you to precisely control the flame size, from levels 9 to 1. Whether you want to melt chocolate to liquid perfection on level 1, or fry a succulent steak on level 9, you’ll have all the benefits of gas cooking, combined with the precision of an electric cooktop. Thanks to FlameSelect, you can achieve perfectly consistent results each and every time.

We used to control fire by rule of thumb. Now it’s in your hands.

FlameSelect allows you to easily adjust the exact flame size – from high to low, across nine predefined power levels. Unlike conventional gas cooktops with imprecise power settings, FlameSelect and its patented valve technology offer incremental heat regulation within nine precisely defined power levels. The new gas cooktops with FlameSelect offer all the benefits of gas cooking combined with the comfort and precision of an electric cooktop.

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Precision control knobs for consistent results.

The power levels can be set in proportional steps from 9 to 1, like the power setting of an electric cooktop. The new knobs are accentuated with printed numbers in order to clearly highlight the chosen power levels for an easy-to-use incremental regulation.

A modern, yet timeless design to suit your kitchen.

A premium well-designed cooktop transforms any kitchen into a clean, modern and elegant space. Available in black tempered glass or stainless steel, the cooktops are offered in flush or slightly raised installations, with round edges for a modern touch and effortless cleaning. The sword knobs have been ergonomically constructed to make the fine-tuning of flames easy, while the pan supports add stability as you cook.

A range of products to choose from.

Choose among various Bosch gas cooktops sizes, ranging from 60 cm over 75cm to 90 cm width. Furthermore select your favourite surface from a choice of tempered glass or stainless steel. The tempered glass cook tops offer a standard and semi-flush built-in option which lets you choose between a flush or slightly raised installation.

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