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Rechargeable vacuum cleaner Zoo'o 25,2V Red BCH6ZOOAU


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For pet lovers: the cordless Athlet Zoo’o ProAnimal vacuum cleaner removes pet hair from all around your home.


Powerful, cordless cleaning for the entire house. Thorough cleaning on all floor types.

Model featured: BCH732KAU. Please check product specifications for individual features and accessories.

Strong suction power with up to 75 minutes runtime. High performance Lithium-Ion battery.

Up to 75 minutes runtime for BCH732KAU. Operation time varies depending on the model and power setting selected.

Model featured: BCH732KAU. Please check product specifications for individual features and accessories.

Always at hand and easy to charge anywhere. Unrestricted movement, perfect for vacuuming under furniture and around corners.

Model featured: BCH732KAU. Please check product specifications for individual features and accessories.

Large, easy to clean 0.9L dust container.

Model featured: BCH732KAU. Please check product specifications for individual features and accessories.

Versatile accessory kit for those hard to reach spots.

Accessories vary depending on the model selected. Model shown: BCH732KAU.

Model featured: BCH732KAU. Please check product specifications for individual features and accessories.

Cordless & rechargeable with 60 minute runtime.

The combination of a high performance motor with long-lasting 25.2V Lithium-Ion battery allows the Bosch Athlet vacuum to operate for up to 60 minutes before it needs to be recharged.

Athlet accessory kit.

Transform your Athlet vacuum with the accessory kit to clean anything and anywhere. An adaptor with integrated variable power switch, shoulder strap and suction hose can be used with the included nozzle accessories. This makes it easy and ideal for cleaning in fiddly corners and tight spaces.*

*Accessories dependant on model. Refer to Technical Specifications.

Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology

The tried and tested Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology used in Bosch Power Tools and E-Bikes is synonymous with high performance, short charging times and long battery life. When combined with the highly efficient and aerodynamic long life motor, the Bosch cordless range is equipped for intensive use. A three-stage electronic protection system reliably prevents overcharging, overheating and deep discharge of the batteries. Additionally they do not experience any memory effect.

AllFloor HighPower Brush. For all floor types. Easy to clean.

The motorised AllFloor HighPower Brush achieves thorough cleaning results on all floor types, such as parquet, carpet and even tiles. The roller brush can be easily removed for cleaning and has special engineered grooves allow you to cut away tangled hairs with scissors and then suck them up without having to pick them out by hand.

SmartSensor Technology: for a vacuum cleaner that keeps running smoothly

Your vacuum’s filter is the heart of the vacuum, keeping it clean and healthy is a priority in order to maintain outstanding operating performance and to enjoy longer appliance lifetime. When filters become clogged the suction performance drops. Bosch SmartSensor Technology constantly monitors the airflow rates throughout the vacuum to ensure it is operating at its optimal level, similar to a heart monitor.

SmartSensor Control. Strong performance every time.

Strong performance every time thanks to sensor-controlled performance with LED indication. The integrated sensor continuously monitors the appliance to ensure that it is performing at the optimal level. The SmartSensor Control light display indicates that the filter needs to be cleaned whenever the cleaning performance drops. This ensures that the appliance can perform at its optimal level again. This also reduces maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Self standing. Can be set aside on its own.

The cordless vacuum cleaner can fit in any niche or corner, thanks to its slim design. It can also be set aside on its own, which is an advantage when you are taking a short break from vacuuming or when you are storing or recharging the appliance.


Technical Specifications

  • Innovative SensorBagless™ Technology: Continuously monitors the airflow throughout the vacuum to ensure it is exceptionally powerful. The indicator light will conveniently turn red when the filter is ready for cleaning.
  • Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology: Durable and powerful rechargeable batteries, extra-long run time and short charging time. A three-stage electronic protection system reliably prevents overcharging, overheating and deep discharge of the batteries.
  • LongLife motor for high performance and long lifetime
  • Thorough cleaning results on all floors thanks to highly efficient bagless technology and powerful ProAnimal Brush
  • 3 performance levels
    Level 1: for normal cleaning jobs and maximum runtime of up to 60 min.
    Level2 : for difficult cleaning jobs and a medium runtime of up to 30 min.
    Level 3: for stubborn cleaning jobs and a shorter runtime of up to 12 min.
  • Voltage: 25.2 V
  • 0.9L dust container volume
  • Cordless handstick vacuum cleaner
  • Battery charging status indication: 3 stage indicator
  • Soft touch handle
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Extra long runtime up to 60 min
  • Short charging time:
    3 hours (battery 80% charged)
    6 hours (battery 100% charged)
  • Maximum flexibility: vacuum cleaning without limitations around and under furniture thanks to its extremely flexible nozzle joint and attachable accessory kit
  • Solid freestanding function for easy placement, space-saving storage and flexible charging at every power outlet
  • Sensor Control: sensor based performance control for minimum cleaning effort. LED signal if filter cleaning is necessary
  • Pure comfort: easy to use, store and clean thanks to its light weight and EasyClean System
  • Easy handling for removal and emptying
  • Filter cleaning: Intelligent LED display signals if filter cleaning is necessary
  • EasyClean™ System: Easy removal and cleaning of the nozzle brush roll
  • Hygienic filter for clean exhaust air
Included Accessories
  • ProAnimal Brush: electrical nozzle for high cleaning performance on all floors, additional brush roll ideal for pet hair
  • ProAnimal Accessory Kit: consisting of additional, short handle, attachable adapter with hose and shoulder strap, upholtstery, crevice and car seat nozzle - ideal for cleaning of upholstery, crevices and hard to reach spots
More Info
Brand Bosch
Product name / Commercial code BCH6ZOOAU
EAN code 4,242,002,845,463
Construction type
Battery cell type Li-ion
Construction Type Stick
Product group Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner
Size and weight
Depth of the product 185 mm
Height of the product (mm) 1,160 mm
Measured weight, ready for op. 3.3 kg
Width of the product (mm) 285 mm
Carpet brush electric
Optical charging indicator
Bagged vacuum cleaner Bagless
Carpet and hard floor nozzle Universal wheeled
Telescopic tube
Technical details
Charging time 6 h
Voltage (V) 25.2 V

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