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Serie | 8 90 cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker



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The electric Range Cooker with up to 10 heating modes and gas cooktop: lets you cook like a professional.


At last, someone in the house who enjoys cleaning up.

During the pyrolytic cleaning function, the oven heats up to 480°C to burn off grease and food residue. What's left is a little ash that can be easily wiped clean. There are three different cleaning programs to choose from, depending on the degree of residue that has accumulated, and with pyrolytic-proof enameled trays, shelf racking and telescopic rails (available on certain models), you can leave them in the oven during the cleaning program, too.


Technical Specifications

  • Gas cooktop including 1 Dual wok burner
Size & Power
  • 1 High-speed, 2 Standard, 1 Economy, 1 Wok burner
  • Rear left: Standard burner 7 Mj/h
  • Front left: Wok burner 14 Mj/h
  • Center rear: Economy burner 4 Mj/h
  • Centre front: High-speed burner 12 Mj/h
  • Rear right: Standard burner 7 Mj/h
  • Front right: Economy burner 4 Mj/h
Comfort & Convenience
  • One-hand electronic ignition via controls
  • Enamelled cast-iron trivets with rubber feet
Safety and Environment
  • Flame failure device fitted to each individual burner
Size & Power
  • Extra large capacity oven (112 l) with grey enamel
  • 10 cooking functions:
    Fan forced hot air
    Top/bottom heating
    Hot air grilling
    Fan assisted top/bottom heating
    Hot air & bottom heat
    Grill - large area
    Bottom heating and fan
    Pyrolytic self-cleaning
    Top/bottom heating Eco
  • 3 Stage pyrolytic cleaning
Comfort & Convenience
  • Electronic clock/timer with LED display
  • Telescopic extension rail x 1
  • Number of oven lights: 2 PC
  • Height adjustable legs by: 50 mm
Safety and Environment
  • Quadruple glazed CoolTouch door
  • Included accessories:
    2 x enamel baking tray
    1 x rotary spit
    1 x insert grid
    1 x cross support for espresso
    1 x governor 10mbar NG (AU)
    2 x grill shelf
    2 x telescopic rack
    1 x WOK attachment ring
Technical Info
  • Appliance dimensions (HxWxD): 900 mm x 898 mm x 600 mm
  • Total connected load electric: 4.2 KW
  • Length of mains cable: 120 cm
  • Suitable for natural gas and LPG
More Info
Brand Bosch
Product name / Commercial code HSB838357A
EAN code 4,242,002,933,177
Product name/family Range-cooker
Construction type
Construction type Free-standing
Energy input Mixed fuel - gas and electric
Type of heating Electricity
Size and weight
Cavity width (cm) 72.4 cm
Cavity height (cm) 37.1 cm
Cavity depth (cm) 41.7 cm
Dimensions of the product (mm) 900 x 898 x 600 mm
Depth with door open (mm) 1,055 mm
Net weight (kg) 89.357 kg
Included accessories cavity 1 2 x enamel baking tray, 1 x rotary spit, 1 x insert grid, 1 x cross support for espresso, 1 x governor 10mbar NG (AU), 2 x grill shelf, 2 x telescopic rack, 1 x WOK attachment ring
Length electrical supply cord (cm) 120 cm
Current (A) 16 A
Plug type AU plug
Voltage (V) 220-240 V


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