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HydroFresh Technology


Thanks to accurate humidity control, fruit and
vegtables stay fresh for up to twice as long.

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The Hydrofresh fruit and vegetable drawers feature temperature sensors and accurate controls to keep a stable low temperature and high humidity. This produces the ideal storage conditions, maximizing the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. And for maximum convenience, the telescopic rails allow you to pull the drawer out for complete access.

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Fresher Longer

Fresher Longer

Bosch HydroFresh keeps food fresher longer.

The displayed figures illustrate an average rate of decay of produce stored properly with HydroFresh and with conventional refrigeration*.

Maximum storage time in...Maximum storage time in...
HydroFreshWithout HydroFreshHydroFreshWithout HydroFresh
Asparagusup to 15 days3-5 daysApricotsup to 14 days7 days
Lettuceup to 14 days3-7 daysGrapesup to 25 days14 days
Spinachup to 10 days2-5 daysBlackberryup to 3 days1-3 days
Artichokeup to 25 days10 daysCherriesup to 12 days7 days
Cauliflowerup to 20 days12 daysPeachesup to 20 days7 days
Celeryup to 20 days7-14 daysStrawberriesup to 5 days1-3 days

*HydroFresh results are based on an independent study comparing Bosch HydroFresh refrigerators against Bosch conventional refrigerators performed by an independent research company in the USA. All displayed figures are guidelines and depend on factors including the quality of the produce and also assume appropriate storage and an uninterrupted refrigeration cycle from harvest until storage. Individual cases may vary.



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