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Cleaner 4 pack of Washing Machine Cleaner 4 for the price of 3



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Packaging Unit: 4 units

Currently not on stock. Please call Customer Service to find out more about availability and delivery times of this item: 1300 369 744

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
  • Removes residues, deposits and remnants of detergent and fabric conditioner from washing machines, which can improve the performance of the appliance
  • Pour the entire contents of this pack into the empty washing machine drum and allow the main washing programme to run completely at 90°C or 95°C (without prewash)
  • Can help to reduce unpleasant odours caused by regular low temperature washes
  • Can help to ensure a cleaner, more hygienic interior of the washing machine, which can improve washing results by reducing spots and marks on laundry
  • 1 pack every 3 months is recommended
  • Tested and approved by the appliance manufacturer
  • Also available in a single pack: product number 00311610
  • For powerful descaling, we recommend our Descaler for washing machines and dishwashers

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