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Active carbon filter LXBXH 317X240,9X24 Replacement Active Carbon Filter for Recirculating Extractor Hoods



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Packaging Unit: 1 unit

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
  • Replacement active carbon filter for recirculating extractor hoods
  • Removes odours and grease from the kitchen air during cooking
  • Suitable for extractor hoods: DWB09T855B, DWB09E752B, DWB06E752B, DWB09W450B, DWW09D650B, LC98KB540B, LC98BA560B, LC98BD540B, LC96BB530B, LC96WA530B, D79S45, D69S45, D79M68, D79M56, D39M55, D79M55, DIB09E850B, LF98BC540B, I79M56, I79S45, I79M56, I79S45, DWB098J50B, I79MT86N1B, I79MT64N1B, I79SH52N0B, D39MH64N1B, D79MT62N1B, D79MT86N1B, D79MH52N1B, D79MH52N1B D69SH52N0B, D66SH52N0B, D79SH52N0B, D76SH52N0B, D79SR22N0B, D76SR22N0B, DIB091K50B, DIB091U51B, DWB098E51B DWB097A50B, DWW097A50B, LC91KB672B, LC98BA572B, LC68BA572B, LC97BF532B, LC67BF532B, LC97WA532B, LC77WA532B and LC97BE532B.
  • Replace approximately every six months, depending on type and frequency of cooking
  • Dimensions: 31.7cm x 24.09cm x 2.4cm (length x width x height)
  • Accessory references: DHZ5346, LZ53451 and Z5102X1
  • Suitable for recirculating kits: 707134 / JZ5102X5 / LZ53450 / LZ53850 / Z5106X5
  • Contents: 1 x active carbon filter
  • Tested and approved accessory

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