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5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Bosch Washing Machine

Not all washing machines are built equal. In addition to transforming soiled clothes, dusty bed linen and furniture covers back to their pristine states – Bosch washing machines go above and beyond to deliver more than just effortless cleaning. Bringing together a suite of technological features and wash programmes to achieve perfect wash results, here are five reasons why you should own a Bosch washing machine.

1. Refresh Your Clothes in 45 Minutes

Save a trip to the drycleaners by refreshing your laundry in the comforts of your home. With the ActiveOxygen Refresh programme found in premium Bosch washing machines, clothing and fabrics that cannot be washed easily, or are not frequently used, can be freshened up in a short span of 45 minutes.

ActiveOxygen Refresh dispenses a cold fog of activated oxygen to remove up to 99.9%* of bacteria and germs from your laundry, without subjecting your clothes to oil-based chemicals, water or high temperatures. Therefore, this programme is particularly useful for freshening up delicate fabrics, winter wear and business suits that require special care.

2. The Perfect Dose for A Perfect Wash

One key factor in achieving perfect wash results is detergent dosage. While an insufficient dose of detergent leads to unsatisfactory cleaning results, an overdose would leave detergent residues on your clothes or incur higher water and energy costs from additional rinse cycles.

Bosch washing machines with inbuilt i-DOS automatic dosage technology have integrated sensors that detect the fabric type, load volume and level of soiling of the laundry load. Dispensing the precise amount of liquid detergent required to the nearest millilitre, i-DOS technology enables your washing machine to deliver perfect wash results, while saving you up to 7,062** litres of water each year.

i-DOS washing machines are equipped with separate chambers that can store up to 1.3 litres of liquid detergent and 0.5 litres of softener – say goodbye to the hassle of using measuring cups to pour out detergent every time you do your laundry.

3. Remove Allergens in Your Laundry

Clothes that are not washed thoroughly often carry allergy-causing particles that can cause skin irritation. Detergent residue, pollen, dust and pet hair are common triggers for an allergic reaction. With the AllergyPlus wash programme, higher washing temperatures coupled with intensive rinse cycles effectively remove allergens from clothing, while being gentle on fabrics.

4. Get Up to Speed

For large households, the daily affair of doing laundry can be time-consuming, especially when you need to wash several loads of laundry in a day. To free up time, Bosch’s SpeedPerfect option can be activated for most standard wash programmes, calibrating them to run more quickly and reduce washing duration by up to 65%, while ensuring a deep clean.

5. Silent Performance for Peace of Mind

Unlike conventional washing machine motors with carbon brushes, Bosch washing machines with EcoSilence Drive are equipped with an advanced, brushless motor that optimally reduces friction for better energy efficiency, performance and exceptionally quiet operation.

*Up to 99.99% reduction of E. coli, C. albicans, S. enterica, A. brasiliensis, S. aureus, bacteriophage MS2 in the washing programme “Mix cold” with liquid laundry detergent at recommended dosage and a load size of 4 kg – investigation MB 7623/15 dated July 29th,2015 conducted by wfk-Institut für Angewandte Forschung GmbH commissioned by BSH Hausgeräte GmbH.

**Saving potential with an average of 220 washing loads/year, source: wfk, Institute for Applied Research, Study Report 5132/10. Individual results may vary.

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