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The Bosch 2-in-1 cooktop with integrated ventilation.

For some it’s a cooktop that ventilates perfectly. For others, it’s a rangehood that also cooks perfectly.

Discover the 2-in-1 cooktop

The best of our cooktops and rangehoods. Combined perfectly in just a single appliance.

A perfect kitchen serves many functions: relaxed cooking, eating, or simply sitting down with family and friends. To allow you more freedom and flexibility in designing your kitchen, we’ve developed a 2-in-1 cooktop with integrated ventilation. This appliance combines the latest technologies of our induction cooktops and rangehoods in a single appliance.

Discover the 2-in-1 cooktop

Overseas model shown. Refer to product specifications for features.

Open in design, flexible in planning.

Our new cooktops with integrated ventilation module offer entirely new freedom for your home. For making your favourite dishes. For entertaining your guests. And for planning your kitchen. Regardless of whether your kitchen is large, small, open-plan, or closed-plan or whether your cooktop is below an upper cabinet, a slanted ceiling, or a window.

Make room for a little more freedom in your kitchen.

No matter if you require a recirculation system or ducted system, the compact design also leaves room for extra storage space for pots and pans – within easy reach, directly under your cooktop.

There are many ways to make a perfect steak. Here’s the shortcut.

What could be more delicious than a perfectly done steak? For that you need a good piece of meat from the butcher, but also the right pan temperature. No matter how you like your steak, the PerfectFry sensor monitors the temperature of the pan as you fry and adjusts it as needed. Your steak is guaranteed to come out right every time.

Use pots and pans in any size and shape.

With CombiInduction from Bosch, you can enjoy the flexibility you need. You can use your cooktop like a conventional induction cooktop, e.g. with four separate cooking zones. Or you can combine them to make one large continuous cooking zone. If they are combined, bigger pots and pans as well as long cookware, such as roasters, our grill plate and the large Teppan Yaki can be placed easily.

User-friendly design on a bigger scale.

The electronic DirectSelect touch interface is easy to understand and even easier to use: the intuitive operation lets you select cooking zones with ease and directly set the desired individual temperature levels. Ventilation levels can be easily adjusted in nine power levels and one intensive setting, providing the optimal extraction rate for every cooking situation – from gentle simmering to intensive frying.

Superior in technology. Innovative in function.

Cooking steam rises at a maximum speed of one meter per second. A Bosch cooktop with integrated ventilation module, however, generates a powerful cross-current. As a result, the steam is extracted directly from your pots, pans or roasters and never has a chance to rise. This means that the integrated ventilation module operates much more efficiently and allows far fewer grease and odour particles into the room, protecting your furniture and fabrics. You’ll never again be bothered by fogged glasses or loud extractor noise. Instead, you can attend to your guests in perfect peace and quiet while you cook.

Automatically absorbs unpleasant odours.

The cooktop is equipped with the AutoOn function, so the ventilation module automatically activates the air extraction, as soon as the cooking zone is active. AutoOn takes the ventilation module to a level 3 preset without even lifting a finger. You’ll also have the flexibility to control the power of the ventilation manually.

Finally, a hood that fits easily into your dishwasher.

The integrated ventilation module requires minimal cleaning effort on your part because its practical construction makes it easy to clean. All the parts of the module are not only easy to remove from the top but are also dishwasher-safe – whether it’s the air intake grill or the liquid reservoir, which is easily dismantled to save room in the dishwasher.

The EcoSilence Drive® motor. Cuts electricity, not performance.

The brushless EcoSilence Drive® is driven by a permanent magnet, which means it’s subject to neither friction nor wear. This also means your ventilation module has an extraordinarily long service life, extreme efficiency, and low noise. Optimised air flow inside the ventilation module reduces operating noise – even at full power.

Highlights for your kitchen.

Quality for every task. We offer a wide range of accessories to ensure 100 % precision of fit for perfect cooking and frying results.

Fine dining at the push of a button.

The perfect complement to your electric hobs: Our Series 8 ovens combine cutting-edge technology, timeless design, remarkable ease of use and less work in the kitchen. Making the new Series 8 from Bosch the easy way to perfect results.

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