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This is what fresh laundry smells like. No washing needed.

Clothing that feels and smells great without a single wash. Too good to be true? With the ActiveOxygen™ Refresh program, you can now relieve your laundry of odours — no washing or drying, just press one button and today’s outfit is ready.

Perfectly fresh at the touch of a button.

Doing laundry is a breath of fresh air with the Bosch ActiveOxygen™ Refresh Programme. It takes just 45 minutes to remove odours without a single wash, works well even on delicate fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool and viscose, and removes up to 99.99%^ of germs and bacteria to keep your family safe — and their clothes perfectly refreshed.

Goodbye, yesterday’s odours. Hello, today’s outfit.

What you wear today doesn’t have to smell like yesterday’s barbeque. Simply push one button to activate the ActiveOxygen Refresh Programme — it removes odours in no time and your clothes are all fresh and dry. No washing, no waiting, just wear and go.

Cut down on your chores — and the water you use.

Say goodbye to unnecessary washes just to get rid of odours — the ActiveOxygen Refresh Programme is designed to use only fine mist for effective performance. Perfect for cutting down on water usage and household chores.

Clean your clothes without wearing them down.

Enjoy longer-lasting apparel with the ActiveOxygen™ Refresh Program. With fewer washes needed, your clothes are now safe from being laundered too often. Imagine that — a washing machine engineered to give your clothes a longer lifespan.

Tough on stains, gentle on your clothes.

Revolutionise the way you do your laundry with the VarioDrum, a uniquely crafted drum structure that gives you a gentle yet efficient wash. Its wave-droplet design is an innovative breakthrough that lets it go hard on stains and dirt while going easy on all kinds of textiles.

Silent and strong performance.

To increase our cleaning efficiency, we have developed the economical EcoSilence Drive®. It is exceptionally quiet, efficient and guarantees low electricity consumption. The EcoSilence Drive works without brushes and top results are guaranteed.

We’ve perfected the art of laundry.

Through its perfect program range, VarioPerfect ensures top wash results for all types of fabrics and every load. With VarioPerfect, you can now set most programs to be quicker or more efficient with the SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect functions. This reduces time by up to 65% and energy by up to 50% — a 100% perfect laundry solution.

The new generation of washing machines.

Bosch Series 8 washing machines have many innovative and intelligent features and functions to make laundry a breeze. Achieving perfect washing results has never been easier.

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