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  • Set any program you wish at the turn of a hand – then simply press the JogDial lightly to start the washing machine.
    The red LED illuminated bars show you at a glance which setting you have selected.
    The rotary control ensures easy operation of the washing machine.

    Looks alone aren't everything. You should also be able to feel the premium design.

    We attach great importance to ensuring that every button, every screw and every tiny detail complies with our high standards. This is why we only use solid, first-class materials like chrome, glass, stainless steel and high-quality plastic.

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  • Thanks to its clear layout and large, highly contrasted text, the TFT display is particularly easy to operate.
    No risk of unintentionally selecting the wrong option: The display clearly indicates all the current settings.

    Finally a washing machine you can understand at first glance.

    Take a look at a HomeProfessional model and you understand right away how it works. Set any program you wish at the turn of a hand – then simply press the JogDial lightly to start the washing machine. You can operate the HomeProfessional intuitively with the clear TFT display.

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  • Even the drawer keeps you updated.

    The i-DOS drawer is like a big tank (1.3L) that you only have to fill up once to have enough liquid detergent for an average of 26 wash loads (based on 50ml OMO standard liquid detergent per wash). As soon as the content level sensors in the tank detect that the detergent is nearly finished, the display lights up red. This indicates that the tank needs to be refilled.

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  • The special asymmetrical interior contours ensure that laundry is gently returned to the center of the drum, to give your favorite clothes the care they deserve.
    Virtually unseen, but convenient to open: the porthole with integrated handle.

    It does not only look good, it is also gentle to your laundry.

    The glass porthole: stylish on the outside, with integrated handle – asymmetrically curved on the inside to return laundry to the center of the drum as it rotates.

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  • Your neighbors will be impressed by it, too.

    It even keeps a 1,600 rpm spin cycle whisper quiet. The special AntiVibration™ design of the side walls ensures that the washing machine has a firmer stance and thus vibrates a lot less.

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