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Relaxx'x Zoo

Eliminate household dirt and pet hair quickly & effectively.

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For pet lovers: up to 30% faster hair pick up.

Exceptionally thorough and ultra-powerful: The new Bosch Zoo'o ProAnimal series makes pet owners' lives easier thanks to the high-performance AirTurbo system, the universal Animal 360™ nozzle set with easy-to-clean nozzles and high-tech filter systems – leaving you more time to spend with your pets.

ProAnimal Turbo Brush
Zoo'o Hard Floor Brush
Zoo XXL Upholstery Brush

Zoo'o ProAnimal Turbo Brush

Red bristles for pet hair.
Black bristles for dust.
The TwinBrush™ - easy-to-release in one movement easy-to-clean
Carpet Height Adapter
Eazy to adjust to the type of carpet
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