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InGenius Zoo'o ProAnimal

InGenius Zoo'o ProAnimal

3 reasons to go bagged:

  1. More hygienic, ideal for allergy sufferers.
    Dust exposure is minimized with sealable dust bags.
  2. Easy to use
    Seal the bag, throw it away and install a new bag and you're ready for more vacuuming.
  3. Highest performance
    Optimized to deliver impressively thorough cleaning.

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For pet lovers: up to 30% faster hair pick up.

Exceptionally thorough and ultra-powerful: The new Bosch Zoo'o ProAnimal series makes pet owners' lives easier thanks to the high-performance AirTurbo system, the universal Animal 360™ nozzle set with easy-to-clean nozzles and high-tech filter systems – leaving you more time to spend with your pets.

ProAnimal Turbo Brush
Zoo'o Hard Floor Brush
Zoo XXL Upholstery Brush

Zoo'o ProAnimal Turbo Brush

Red bristles for pet hair.
Black bristles for dust.
The TwinBrush™ - easy-to-release in one movement easy-to-clean
Carpet Height Adapter
Eazy to adjust to the type of carpet
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PowerProtect Bags -
Ensure Lasting Performance

A state-of-the-art multilayer micro fleece bag for especially thorough cleaning performance, even when the dust bag fills up.

The 5L bag capacity in the In'Genius Zoo’o ProAnimal offers 20% more capacity and reduces follow up costs. It contains a unique multi layered dust bag, allows for higher fine dust capacity. Airflow maximised filters that contain higher filtration rates with more than 99.9% of all fine dust partices filtered, for better motor protection.

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QuattroPower consists of multiple innovations to deliver top-rated cleaning performance:

The AirTurbo system of the Bosch Zoo'o ProAnimal series guarantees extra thorough cleaning results: The HiSpin motor and large diameter of all the airways create a powerful air flow. The optimised turbine transmits this power efficiently and delivers it to the brush.

  • Optimized seals
    A new sealing system eliminates dust leakage so exhaust air is exceptionally clean and ideal for allergy sufferers.
    High-performance silence nozzle
    Featuring a new design, the nozzle allows amazing pick-up dust from edge to edge and maximizes floor contact and airflow for efficient and thorough cleaning with reduced noise.
    PowerProtect dust bag
    Trap the finest dust with our new dust bag that also allows higher airflow for consistent high-performance cleaning.
    HiSpin motor
    Reduce your utility bills while being environmentally-friendly with our new HiSpin motor which delivers outstanding performance with low energy consumption.
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A breath of fresh air for allergy sufferers.

A breath of fresh air for allergy sufferers.

Bosch bagged and bagless vacuums are suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers. Thanks to a HEPA hygienic filter system, the exhaust air is cleaner than the normal air in the house.

Learn more about Asthma and Allergens


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