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  • No other cooktop thinks like a Bosch

    Quite simply, there's no induction cooktop range with the breadth and depth of Bosch. The technology across our range is designed to make it easier and quicker for you to create the dishes you love. And with so many options, the wonder of induction cooking is now open to more Australians than ever before.


    Perfect cooking needs just one ingredient

    Introducing the range of induction cooktops that escape the confines of an ordinary cooktop.

    Bosch FlexInduction
    The ultimate Bosch Induction experience. Unique technology provides perfectly even Heating across the entire FlexZone. Enjoy the Flexibility and control of four individual cooking zones, or combine into a single 'super-zone' where the entire zone becomes your cooking canvas.
    Bosch CombiInduction
    Experience the magic of CombiZone - two cooking zones can be linked, making the switch from small to large pans effortless. Plus, the MoveMode function automatically switches from boil to simmer with a simple slide of the saucepan.
    Bosch Induction
    Bosch's benchmark Induction cooktops put you in control with 17-stage power settings plus PowerBoost for each zone, dual function timer with automatic switch-off, residual heat indicators, child lock and more.

    Cook with a light touch

    When you're preparing a meal, there's no time to waste with complex cooking controls. With your Bosch Induction Cooktop, you'll find a selection of brilliantly intuitive controls that make the entire cooking process so much easier to manage. Introducing TouchSelect, DirectSelect 1.0 and DirectSelect 2.0 from Bosch.

    Direct Select 2.0.
    Maintain control even in the most hectic kitchen situations. Select your desired power level - including intermediate levels - with complete accuracy.

    Direct Select 1.0.
    Total convenience - with DirectSelect you simply select the required power level from those on offer (keys laid out on the cooktop) instead of having to press +/- keys repeatedly.

    With this new control panel, you can regulate the desired cooking zone easily. Select your cooking zone and use the +/- keys to choose the power level you need.

  • Setting the standards

    On every Bosch Induction cooktop you'll find clever features that set them apart from the ordinary. Simple and practical, Bosch's benchmark induction cooktops have all the necessities to really get you cooking. All Bosch Induction cooktops are made with German manufactured Schott Ceran ceramic glass for function and design.

    Automatic pot detection
    Bosch induction cooktops feature automatic pot detection, which recognises the diameter of the cookware and determines the size of the cooking zone accordingly. If the pot is removed, the control panel indicator with flash and remain inactive until the pot is detected.
    Stay in complete cooking control even while you've had a spill or boilover. Bosch WipeProtection locks the control panel for 20 seconds so you can clean the surfaces easily without losing your cooking settings.
    PowerBoost - now with even more power!
    PowerBoost channels increased power to a selected zone to turbocharge the cooking process. This is especially handy when you're trying to bring large pots of water to the boil. With PowerBoost, you can boil 2 litres of water almost three times faster than on a conventional glass-ceramic cooktop.
    17-stage power setting
    Enjoy total control on every recipe with 17-stage power settings. This function allows cooking zones to be set in increments of 0.5 (e.g. 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2....9).
    Maximum safety for tiny hands. Lock your cooktop's control panel and prevent accidental little chefs from 'helping out' and hurting themselves. Enjoy the reassurance of maximum safety for both you and your loved ones.
    2-stage residual heat indicators
    Provides clear indication of when a zone is still hot after use. Two levels: 'H' means residual heat sufficient to finish off cooking or to keep items warm. 'h'- residual heat insufficient to cook, but zone is still hot enough to advocate caution.
    Automatic safety switch-off
    Never worry again if you have forgotten to turn off the cooktop. If you've stopped using it, your Bosch Induction cooktop will automatically shut down.
    Pots that work with induction
    Most of your old pots will also work with induction if they have a magnetic base. All pots and pans with ferromagnetic bases are suitable for induction. So, if a fridge magnet sticks to your pot, you know it is induction-ready. In general, special stainless steel, iron and enamel are all suitable. And, since only the pot base and not the cooktop is heated, the diameter of the pot no longer needs to fit the cooking zone exactly.

    Cooking at the speed of thought

    Clever features that free you up to think about your cooking, rather than your cooktop.

    Start cooking quicker. New Bosch QuickStart functionality automatically detects the location of your pot and displays the cooking zone on the control panel. Just select the power level and you're away.

    Available on selected models only.

    Things happen quickly in the kitchen - if you spill something on the control panel or accidentally switch-off the cooktop, ReStart will store you last selected settings. Those settings can be instantly recalled by simply pressing the main power switch within 4 seconds.

    Available on selected models only.

    Energy Consumption Display.
    Each time you finish cooking, your Energy Consumption Display shows exactly how much power you've used. So if you wish, you can adapt your cooking style to save energy and money. (For example, placing a lid on a pot can help reduce your energy consumption by as much as 20%).

    Available on selected models only.


    Features may vary by model. Please check individual product specifications

  • CombiInduction

    Modern cooking offers so many wonderful new tastes and textures, you need a cooktop that's flexible enough to keep up. Bosch CombiInduction lets you switch from small to large and oversized pans, like Teppan Yaki, simply and easily. So now there's no limit to the tastes you can create.

    Because you can choose the size of the heated area, with Bosch CombiInduction you have the freedom to use your biggest pans and baking trays for more adventurous cooking. Switching from small to large pans is as simple as a single touch that merges two cooking zones into one.

    When your recipe requires you to switch from boil to simmer at just the right moment, MoveMode is there when you need it. Switch from level 9 to level 1 by simply sliding your pot. MoveMode lets you move seamlessly from your first high-powered cooking task to the next, without a hiccup, and always in control.

  • It's thought of everything

    The new Bosch FlexZone is up to 20% larger, with space for pots and pans up to 24cm wide. Depending on size, you can cook with pots and saucepans one behind the other, or side-by-side. That's the flexibility of FlexInduction.


    Put the flex in flexibility

    Introducing Bosch FlexInduction, the result of decades of research and development. Introducing freedom in the kitchen.

    Other 'flexible' induction cooktops are only adjacent standard circular zones hidden beneath pretty black glass. With FlexInduction, four abutting coils lie beneath the entire area to give you continuous even heating. Treat the FlexZone as four individual areas or one super-sized continuous one and always enjoy complete temperature control.

    Ideal for small pots, large pots, multiple pans, frying pans or casserole dishes - you name it. The system allows you to control pots and pans separately.

    Electromagnetic current applies heat only where it's needed - in the pot. At the flick of a switch, two induction zones become one large induction surface.

  • Accessories

    Introducing the new range of Bosch accessories specially designed for Induction, CombiInduction and FlexInduction cooktops. Created to make the most of the latest Bosch Induction technology.

    Grill plate
    For use on two combined cooking zones. Evens heat to perfectly grill your favourite meats, fish or vegetables.

    Roasting pan (optional with steamer inset) Cook large dishes without hot spots for results you'll be delighted with. A high performance roasting pan that no induction kitchen should be without. For use on two combined cooking zones.

    Teppan Yaki
    Enjoy induction the Japanese way! Try beef, shrimp, scallops, lobster, chicken and chopped vegetables. Let your imagination go.

    Induction cookware set
    4 piece 'iittala' induction cookware set consisting of 2 pots, 1 casserole and 1 fry pan.

    Stainless steel wok
    Stainless steel wok for induction and ceramic cooktops. Includes glass lid and draining grid.

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